Runner order Eurovision 2024 final (updated)

Baby Lasagna is the frontrunner to win Eurovision 2024. Source: Corinne Cumming - EBU

In this article we will publish the runner order and draws for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final. We have updated the list with the first 10 qualifiers of the first semi final.

Each finalist made a draw for the running order in the Grand Final with three possible outcomes:

  • First half (6 places in total)
  • Second half (6 places in total)
  • “Producer’s choice” (13 places in total)

If a country draws “Producer’s choice”, this year’s show producer, SVT, can freely decide where in the running order they will put the country in the running order in the Grand Final.

Running order of Eurovision 2024

01. Sweden
02. Ukraine
03. Germany
04. Luxembourg
05. The Netherlands
06. Israel
07. Lithuania
08. Spain
09. Estonia
10. Ireland
11. Latvia
12. Greece
13. United Kingdom
14. Norway
15. Italy
16. Serbia
17. Finland
18. Portugal
19. Armenia
20. Cyprus
21. Switzerland
22. Slovenia
23. Croatia
24. Georgia
25. France
26. Austria

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