Georgia qualifies for Eurovision final for the first time since 2016 (Nemo and Joost Klein also through)

Georgia has broken a 7 year non-qualification streak at the Eurovision Song Contest. Nutsa Buzaladze reached the Grand Final for Georgia with her song “Firefighter”. Top favorites Nemo (Switzerland) and Joost Klein (Netherlands) also sailed through.

Belgium was the most surprising non qualifier. Mustii did not reach the final with his song “Before the party is over”. Instead, Latvia sneaked through with Dons and his song “Hollow”.

Check out all ten qualifiers from the second semi final of Eurovision 2024:

  • Latvia – Dons – Hollow
  • Austria – Kaleen – We will rave
  • Netherlands – Joost Klein – Europapa
  • Norway – Gate – Ulveham
  • Israel – Eden Golan – Hurricane
  • Greece – Marina Satti – Zari
  • Estonia – 5 miinust & Puuluup
  • Switzerland – Nemo – The Code
  • Georgia – Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter
  • Armenia – Ladaniva – Jako

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