Australia eliminated as Baby Lasagna qualifies for Eurovision Final

Australia has been eliminated at the semi final stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Electric Fields did not qualify for the Grand Final with their song “One Milkali”. Top favorites Croatia (Baby Lasagna) and Ukraine (Jerry Heil & Alyona) did make it through.

The other four countries eliminated are Poland, Azerbaijan, Iceland and Moldova.

Check out the ten Eurovision finalists below:

  • Ireland – Bambie Thug – Doomsday Blue (first half)
  • Lithuania – Silvester Belt – Luktelk (first half)
  • Luxembourg – Tali – Fighter (first half)
  • Cyprus – Silia Kapsis – Liar (second half)
  • Finland – Windows95man – No rules (second half)
  • Slovenia – Raiven – Veronika (second half)
  • Croatia – Baby Lasagna – Rim tim tagi dim (producer decides)
  • Portugal – Iolanda – Grito (producer decides)
  • Serbia – Teya – Ramonda (producer decides)
  • Ukraine – Jerry Heil & Alyona – Mama Teresa (producer decides)

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